UNI Filter Service Kit

In Stock SKU: UFM-400

UNI Foam Air Filter Service Kit

This kit contains everything you need to keep your foam air filter operating efficiently and safely for maximum engine performance and engine protection.

  • UNI Foam Filter Cleaner: contains powerful agents that quickly strip away grease and dirt, yet it won't damage your air filter. Just spray it on, let it soak in, then rinse off.
  • UNI Foam Filter Oil: specifically formulated to allow for maximum airflow while keeping the dirt and dust out. Just spray thoroughly and massage evenly into the filter.
  • Kit contains a 5.5oz (162ml) aerosol can of UNI Foam Filter Oil and a 14.5oz (429ml) aerosol can of UNI Foam Filter Cleaner.

Safe to use on all OEM and performance foam air filters.



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