Spidi Carbo 5 Gloves

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The Carbo 5 from Spidi is a premium track and sports glove, born from decades of experience on the MotoGP circuit. Genuine Italian cow-hide leather is enhanced with different combinations of carbon fibre, Keramide, Clarino and Spidi's own Warrior Tech in key areas, to improve protection, grip and slide resistance while maintaining fit, feel and comfort. Twin closure on the wrist keeps the glove snug and aerodynamic, while the all-important wrist strap will prevent the glove from being torn off if you and your bike should part company at high speed. From fingertip to forearm, Spidi Carbo 5 gloves offer full hand protection with performance levels to keep you on the razor's edge.


  • Cowhide leather, 0.6/ 0.8 mm thick, high fitting performance
  • Tear, cut and intrusion top resistant Superfabric®
  • High resistance Keramide fabric palm support
  • Palm, back of hand, side of hand padding
  • PPE motorcycle protective glove certified EN 13594: 2015Lev. 1
  • CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the EU/89/686/ECC Directive
  • Average weight 400grams


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