Domino Road Grips - A450 Race

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Twenty years of experience with dual compound grips and over fifty years of ergonomic design has culminated in the A450 road race grip from Domino.

The A450 features a hard inner for strength and stability, with a softer outer coat for supple and tactile contact with the glove. In extreme wear areas, the inner rubber ergonomically supports the hand and reduces localised wear. A multiconic texture allows exceptional and constant grip, even in wet conditions, while promoting a progressive wear rate over time. Complete with 3 lockwire grooves, the A450 provides a slightly larger diameter option to Domino’s ever-popular A010 race grip.

Colour options: Various

  • Material: two-component thermoplastic rubber
  • Length: 120 mm / 12 5mm
  • Open end
  • Diameter Handlebars/Throttle Tubes: 22/26 mm
  • Slot for Iron Wire: 2-3 slots
  • Flange diameter: 47 mm
  • Diameter installed grips : 31.5 mm


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