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Pirelli is proud to introduce the next evolution of the beloved Diablo Rosso Corsa hypersport tyre, the Diablo Rosso Corsa II. It features a redesigned tread pattern that improves warm up and grip in dry and even wet conditions. Riding a hypersport tyre in the wet was once unheard of, but thanks to Pirelli's silica and black carbon nanotechnology it is now possible. The internal structure of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II has also been upgraded using everything that Pirelli has learned from the past decade racing in WSBK. This means you can expect improved handling, acceleration, cornering and braking to match the demands of your high-performance motorcycle. All of this combined leads to a much more confident ride and more importantly, a bigger smile on the rider's face.


  • Dual compound on front, distributed across 3 zones
  • Triple compound on rear, distributed across 5 zones
  • Innovative combination of 100% silica and black carbon
  • Increased grip in every condition and lean angle
  • Enhanced safety and confidence in cornering both street and track, dry and wet
  • Racing derived structure and profile
  • Increased agility and more accurate trajectory
  • Enhanced feeling with improved bike control when cornering
  • Advanced tread pattern with slick shoulders
  • Contact patch optimization
  • TL (tubeless)

"If you’re looking for a tyre which will give you confidence on the road and excellent performance on the race track, the Diablo Corsa II has redefined the boundaries of what you can expect from a road tyre." - BRM

$359.00 - $499.00

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