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Upgrade your stopping power with the latest EBC oversize supermoto rotor kits. Using your standard caliper, the bracket provided repositions the caliper at a larger radius to enhance braking power and feel over standard rotor size. The easy to install kit takes minutes to fit and gives a significant brake improvement.


280mm oversize design or 250mm oversize design for 80/85cc MX Bikes.

• Fully floating construction.
• Heat treated carbon steel.
• Complete with brackets.
• Front applications only.


320mm oversize Supermoto disc constructed with forged alloy centre hub for weight reduction and tough billet steel 4mm thickness brake rotor for maximum stopping power. The rotor rings include OD cooling groove and extra weight reducing scraper holes and are riveted together with a nine button sturdy rivet system.

The rotor kit comes complete with anodised alloy relocation brackets for most popular MX/enduro bikes and are supplied as a kit with the complete rotor unit and anodised bracket. The brake hose may need to be replaced with a longer version.

Find the correct fitment for your scooter or motorcycle here: EBC Brakes Fitment Guide

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$449.04 - $500.62

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