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Visual Inspection Method for Welds

CRC Weld Check® is a non-destructive, dye penetrant system, for fast and reliable crack detection. Three part system: Penetrant, Developer and Cleaner.

Designed for checking welded joints and engineering components for hairline cracks and fractures, locating surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials including; most metals, plastics, and ceramics.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Quick and reliable detection of fine cracks 
  • Locates surface breaking defects 
  • Non-destructive inspection
  • Water washable 
  • Ideal for all non-porous materials including; most metals, plastics, and ceramics 
  • Tested to ASTM E165 and AMS2644E external standards 


Non-destructive inspection of materials, parts, assemblies, equipment, surfaces or structures:

  • Cracks, lack of fusion and open cavities in welded parts
  • Cracks and cavities caused by metal fatigue and cutting operations
  • Check of porosity or leaks in pipes, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers
  • Discontinuities, laps, folds and cracks in castings, forgings and ceramics

$67.00 - $159.00

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